Reviews of Summer Preserves
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Reviews of Summer Preserves

quote…the quality of the workmanship gives it heft and helps the book punch well above its weight class in a way that is, forgive the pun, almost uncanny.

Phillip K. Thompson, “Just right: Not too sweet, not too tart.” The NovaScotian / Books: The Chronicle Herald (Sunday, D12/March 3, 2013)

quoteReid’s poetry displays qualities of imagination and control…similar to that of Margaret Atwood…

Amanda Bird, “Capture the Warmth of Intimate Memories.” [See]

quote…innately sensual poems, whether the subject is human, animal, or mineral. Ambitious and cohesive, tackling the perspective of a male damselfly..., turning the act of eating turkey inside out.

Whitney Moran, Atlantic Books Today (Spring 2013)

quoteReading Summer Preserves is like biting into a ripe plum. Savour the juice and tang of each poem.

Anne Simpson, author of The Marram Grass, Light Falls Through You, and Loop

quoteImmediate, sensual, alternating rhythm and surprise, here is a voice celebrating our shared riches, our common passions. Through the yearning lens of memory, Diane Reid's fresh yet mature eye finds beauty and loss in the everyday.

Bill Gaston, author of Sex is Red, Gargoyles, and The Order of Good Cheer

quoteDiane is...full of fun, in love with the world in all its sensuous aspects. She has her own voice--irreverent, witty, full-bodied.

Nancy Bauer, "State of the Art." The Telegraph-Journal (Saturday, S2/October 20, 2012).

quoteBursting at the seams with ideas... powered by energetic engagement. There is, at the core, a control and serious attention to craft.

matt robinson, author of A Ruckus of Awkward Stacking, Against the Hard Angle, and how we play at it: a list

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